Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Frozen Planet's Penguin Cam: Too Cute or Totally Overrated?

Breaking In "So happy to see you finally came to your senses and gave us another shot," Contra Security head Oz (Christian Slater) says in the Season 2 premiere of Breaking In. He may be talking to a new client, Mr. Fox, but the sentiment clearly has a deeper meaning. "I don't even know if Fox noticed that his name was Mr. Fox," co-creator and executive producer Adam F. Goldberg tells TVGuide.com with a laugh. Breaking In creator on raising Season 2 hopes: Fox recognizes there is something there Breaking In returns on Tuesday (9:30/8:30c, Fox) after what Goldberg calls a "rollercoaster ride" back from the dead. After the network ordered six episodes very late into midseason, it axed the comedy in May. However, network chief Kevin Reilly remained optimistic about finding a way to revive it. In July, those chances dimmed when the show's female lead, Odette Annable, joined House. But Fox wound up renewing the options for the rest of the cast and renewing it for a 13-episode second season anyway. Goldberg thanked actors Slater, Bret Harrison and Alphonso McAuley for sticking with the show, even when its future looked grim. "We are forever indebted to them for keeping the show alive," he said. "They were at a crossroads where they could have moved on. We went to them and said, 'You owe nothing to us, but we would love for you to renew,' and they just jumped right on board." Fox gives surprise 13-episodes order to Breaking In However, there were still a few office shake-ups. Recurring guest star Michael Rosenbaum left to direct a film, and Annable will only appear in five episodes. "I'll miss them both," Goldberg says. Enter new series regulars Megan Mullally and Erin Richards. "Fox felt like the one element missing from the show was a comic foil for Christian's character," he says. "Bringing in Megan, who is a big comic force, to play off of Christian and everyone in the office was just a great puzzle piece that we were missing." Mullally, an Emmy winner for Will & Grace, joins the workforce as Contra Security's crazy new leader, Veronica. "We knew there was going to be a boss, but we didn't know what kind of boss until we had an actress to define the role," Goldberg says. "Basically, Megan was the one who shaped the entire character. Once we heard she was interested, I wrote some sample scenes for her, and she saw that we could write for her and her voice." Fox creates Tuesday night comedy block The two new female team members will move the series' focus towards inter-office romances and away from the out-of-office capers. (Although still expect nods to the show's geeky roots including references to Back to the Future, Terminator 2 and Indiana Jones). "It's less about what they do and more about who they are as people. The big thing that I took away from talking to people last year was that the show was a little too fast," Goldberg says. "This year, we're really exploring a lot of the different romantic pairings. Especially coming after New Girl, I think that is something I really wanted to focus on because when you're in an office, office romances happen." Goldberg says he didn't mind the change in tone. He credits New Girl for helping to save Breaking In. "I think Kevin Reilly always planned on bringing the show back, it was really just seeing if New Girl would work," Goldberg says. "No one wanted New Girl to work more than me because otherwise, I know we wouldn't be on the air. They wouldn't have the confidence to do a whole comedy night." So does Goldberg feel the pressure returning behind Fox's biggest comedy? He's just happy to be on the air. "Everything this year has just been gravy because I was canceled twice," he says. "Hopefully this time it will stick."

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Simon Baker Says I Give It A Year

He'll star in the newlywed comedyWhile Simon Baker has been spending the majority of his time on US telly drama The Mentalist, he has managed to squeeze in the odd movie here and there, including Margin Call, which arrived on these shores in January. And he's just selected his next film gig, joining the cast of Working Title's romantic comedy drama I Give It A Year.Dan Mazer, who worked his way up through Da Ali G Show and has contributed to all of Sacha Baron Cohen's cinematic output (including this year's The Dictator), wrote the script and will direct. Year is the story of a pair of newlyweds as they negotiate the tricky business of their first 12 months as a married couple.Anonymous' Rafe Spall is already attached to star, but there's no word yet on when it'll shoot. Working Title is also still in the market for a distributor, though given the company's close relationship with Universal, we'd guess they might just pick it up.

Monday, February 27, 2012

'Descendants' Co-Authors Jim Rash And Nat Faxon: That You Know Them From

by Joel Hanek In the meme that will surely rival The Bronx Cobra in lasting relevancy, Angelina Jolies right leg increased being joke fodder for that internet after Best Modified Script award individuals who win Jim Rash and Nat Faxon was similar to Angies lunging pose after accepting their honours. In the event you thought people males with Alexander Payne that came on stage needing to pay tribute/playfully mocking Angelina look familiar, thats because youve probably seen them inside their acting roles. Former Groundlings, Faxon and Rash did plenty of comedy roles over time - and trust me, when I believe that a good deal, I'm speaking about a good deal. No stranger for the recognition of Community, Jim Rash can be a series regular in the NBC sitcom as Principal Dean Pelton. Being fair, you may haven't recognized him at first as they was wearing a tuxedo rather than his usual entrances in drag. Nat Faxon is probably not a marquee status for movies, however when you see the males IMDB page you will not be needed to scroll lower far prior to deciding to recognize youve seen his face no less than a six occasions: "Super Military," "Beerfest" plus much more (Im keen on his moments in Oc myself). Furthermore compared to that, Faxon is doing his quantity of commercial work. For example, take his role since the alcoholic philistine in this particular Bud Light ad. There you have it: the Faxon/Rash mystery solved! Appreciate joining us for the next episode of, Hey, look, people males! Perhaps you have recognize Rash and Faxon last evening? Reveal inside the comments or on Twitter!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Blue Bloods' Donnie Wahlberg is Hangin' Tough

Donnie Wahlberg Taking a break between moments, Blue Bloods' Donnie Wahlberg places two cell phones within easy achieve. The onetime teen heartthrob is actually mounted on social media that instead of watching his hit cop show on Fridays at 10, he reads real-time Tweets to gauge what audiences like or don't. Happily for your actor who plays Det. Danny Reagan, the "likes" win - Blue Bloods and Wahlberg rule the evening. His fans certainly are a large, loyal bunch. Extended devoted to him from his boy-band days in New Kids available on the market (now reunited as NKOTB), they inundate the show's Brooklyn set with inspiring books, photo collages and vintage figures. Many have even adopted their hero to his CBS series. "Each day we're around the stage, [his fans] know where we're shooting," states Tom Selleck, who plays patriarch Frank Reagan. "They spend some time all day long lengthy. Donnie covers and speak with them - he's good by doing this.Inch fifteen years after he gained the transition from music to acting, notwithstanding roles such exclusive movies since the Sixth Sense and tv projects like Gang of Brothers and sisters and Boomtown, the 42-year-old gets the part he seems born to see. Chalk up to great fortune. The show was casting in Toronto and Wahlberg been in Canada in order to a concert in Alaska because he got wind in the chance. "I had been getting trouble finding an actress to see Danny," recalls professional producer Leonard Goldberg. "I examined Donnie's reel and mentioned, 'That's Danny Reagan!' He'd the energy as well as the physicality. If Tom Selleck's police commissioner might be the initial step toward Blue Bloods, Donnie might be the engine that drives the show. He brings such passion - together with just a little danger - for the police tales it allows us to prevent and carry out the family moments that are a person's heart within our show. Without Donnie, it could become somewhat bland.Inch Wahlberg also nails the intimate interactions with both Jackie (Jennifer Esposito) - Danny's partner round the pressure - and wife Linda (Amy Carlson). Notes Goldberg, "We pay attention to audiences their relationship is actually real, and the first time they're seeing how it's enjoy being married with a cop." Danny and Linda's marriage is amongst the solid TV associations since Friday Evening Lights' Taylors, a portrayal that Carlson preferred to emulate from Day 1. "Love might be the building blocks from the connection,Inch states the actress. "Linda and Danny may drive each other crazy, but they are deeply in love with each other!" Tonight's episode movingly combines the procedural while using show's family values when an undercover detective, who's a pal in the Reagan family, is destroyed in the drug bust - after Danny and Jackie arrive about a minute too far gone. "Danny knows it easily may have been him," states Goldberg. "Which he must call Linda because she's the godmother in the dead cop's newborn, who's potential christened. It hits him on sides." The episode ties into what's be considered a common theme on Blue Bloods: "Everybody is faced while using existence that he / she has selected," states Wahlberg. "Whether it is the theif, his drug-dealing mother or perhaps the cops whose existence reaches risk.Inch A divorced father of two, Wahlberg states they can relate: "I'm in NY and the kids live in L.A. I'm lucky essentially can catch somewhat Skype time together, as this is the existence I decided.In . Humor might be the weapon Wahlberg chooses to handle extended several hours and freeze-your-butt-off NY weather. "He works more several hours than anybody around the program, and he's doing jokes at 2am concentrating on the same energy he'd because he started at 2 inside the mid-day," states Goldberg. That geniality doesn't surprise Wahlberg's uncle Archie, visiting the set one February day. "Donnie was the comedian inherited,In . he unveils. "He was thrilling just like a boy, a great kid, and he's now a enjoyable guy." Wahlberg cops to like a cutup, dancing across the set and trying to create everyone laugh, even if the director has known for quiet. "Jennifer which i try everything inside our energy to keep the crew getting a lot of fun,In . according to him. Despite his goofiness, nobody should doubt his acting chops, Carlson cautions. "He's a prankster which he will get my goat, however always have to be in my toes because he's so smart and therefore passionate." The showbiz veteran also will not do not remember what measures he's come since the eighth of nine poor kids (actor/producer Mark Wahlberg is his baby brother) in the tough Boston neighborhood. "I'd get hit if I'd discuss trying to become an actress,Inch according to him. "I'm a adequate self-critic to keep it honest. There's an occasion when I used to be frustrated because I believed, my band is more suitable to I'm given credit for which i'm able to become well. I have finally proven it, nevertheless it needed 2 decades. I probably wouldn't are actually ready if everything was perfect in the past. Now after i am out chasing after after crooks, I pinch myself and say, 'This is crazy! This can be too good actually was.AInch Wahlberg's next factor: pointing an instalment. "I have some homework to accomplish first. I don't take lower to pointing Tom Selleck lightly. Tom can be a formidable guy. I'd like him to convey, 'Hey, when are you going to perform the next?A rather than, 'Let's not test that experiment again,'" according to him, emulating Selleck's sonorous voice. We'll wager round the kid from Boston. Blue Bloods airs Fridays at 10/9c on CBS. Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine now!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Anthony LaPaglia To Star In ABC Drama Pilot Americana

Anthony LaPaglia, who had 3 aircraft pilots at 3 systems competing for his services, has closed an offer to topline the ABC drama pilot Americana, a cleaning soap in regards to a famous fashion industry clan. It focuses on legendary designer Robert Soulter (LaPaglia), the patriarch of the sprawling family who just welcomed a brand new member, a youthful designer whose shocking arrival turns the household and also the legendary label thoroughly. Michael Seitzman authored the script, with Phillip Noyce, who helmed the pilot for ABC’s Revenge this past year, pointing. Seitzman, Mark Gordon and Nicholas Pepper executive produce for ABC Galleries and also the Mark Gordon Co. This marks the go back to television and also the first TV role for LaPaglia since his starring switch on the most popular CBS crime drama With No Trace, which gained him a Golden Globe Award. The Aussie actor, repped by CAA and Industry Entertainment, is presently filming Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oscars 2012: Why 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' Deserved A Best Picture Nod

Nine films are nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards this year, begging the question: who deserved a tenth spot on that list? "Oscars 2012: 10 Spot" answers that question, as the MTV Movies team highlights some of 2011's greatest films and argues why they deserved a nod as the tenth Best Picture nominee. "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" specifically points out what's wrong with the Best Picture race this year. Of the films in the conversation, David Fincher's adaptation of Stieg Larsson's best-selling novel did deserve a nomination for the Oscar top prize in 2011, but in almost any other year, I think the snub would have been justified. That is because "Dragon Tattoo" has one thing that all of the Best Picture nominees, with the exception of "Tree of Life," severely lack: an edge. With the field almost entirely filled with nostalgia movies ("Hugo," "The Artist," "Midnight in Paris," "War Horse," "The Help"), a lack of variety bogs down the race, leaving it without a real sense of drama. The films, while enjoyable, don't represent the gamut of subjects the medium can touch and result in a fairly one-note race. "Dragon Tattoo" went dark and stayed dark, and did so without apologizing. With an essentially incompetent male protagonist, a female rape-victim has to use her intellect to serve justice, and when the murderer is cornered, he dies because of his inability to drive with a shattered jaw. Though its formulaic thriller plot ultimately lessens the story's impact, a nomination for "Dragon Tattoo" would have added spice to the race and shown some daring on the part of the Academy. Even ignoring the subject matter and the story, Fincher made a technically masterful film, as he tends to do, and reaffirmed his place as one of the genre's best directors, always ready to innovate. At this level, the snub seems particularly insulting when you consider that Tate Taylor's by-the-numbers "The Help" earned a spot on the list. Also consider that Fincher's loss to the undeserving Tom Hooper at last year's ceremony should have qualified for the Academy's love of payback. Then again, my whole argument comes with a caveat: I don't think "Dragon Tattoo" is all that great, and it wouldn't deserve a nomination if the other nominees had been of a higher caliber. The snub exists based on the merits of comparison and not solely on the film itself. That being the case, however, adding "Dragon Tattoo" to the tenth spot would have lent a little more respect to a category that I think sorely needs it. The MTV Movies team has the 2012 Oscars covered! Stick with us for everything you need to know leading up to the awards show, and on Sunday, February 25, tune into MTV.com at 5:30 p.m. ET for our three-hour red-carpet live stream and updates on the night's big winners.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

John Hawkes On For Jackie Brown Prequel

He'll star in SwitchLet's acquire one factor obvious from the beginning: Quentin Tarantino isn't associated with this film, although it has his blessing. No, author/director Serta Schecter may be the guy behind this adaptation of Elmore Leonard's Switch, and she has Martha Marcy May Marlene star John Hawkes and Yasiin Bey (the artist formerly referred to as rapper-switched-actor Mos Def) prepared to star.Hawkes and Bey will have the more youthful versions of Louis Gara and Ordell Robbie, as performed correspondingly by Robert P Niro and Samuel L. Jackson in Tarantino's film, which itself was modified from Leonard's Rum Punch.Schechter required a gamble writing a script in line with the Switch, which Leonard released in 1978, and sent it to Michael Siegel, who is actually the author's representative. Impressed together with his work, the happy couple handed him the film privileges and decided to be producers. Youthful filmmakers have faith: it may happen!The plot, set fifteen years prior to the occasions in Brown, finds Louis and Ordell joining as much as kidnap Mickey Dawson, a lady married to some corrupt Detroit property magnate. However when her husband will not spend the money for ransom, the crooks use the wife to obtain her revenge. Schecter is striving to begin shooting the film in May.Hawkes continues to be winning plaudits only at that year's Sundance Film Festival for his leading role within the Surrogate, in regards to a disabled poet who seeks to get rid of his virginity having a professional sex surrogate (Helen Search). He'll also appear this season in Steven Spielberg's Lincoln subsequently. Bey most made an appearance upon us crime drama Dexter.