Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Drum recording advice please?

Ok, My friend and I are both musicians and have recently been talking
about recording our ideas. He plays guitar/ some vocals. I play drums
and do vocals. I am looking into getting a drum microphone kit
(probably a 5-7 mic kit) so we can start recording drums. I know to
record vocals and guitars there are interfaces like the M-Audio
Fasttrack and recording software (We are planning on purchasing that)
But what I am confused about is what do I need to plug all those drum
microphones into so I can put the audio onto my computer and recording
software. Cause there will be around 5-7 mics. I have an 8 channel
Powered mixer, but we usually use that to play through the PA's, plug
guitars into, plug a microphone into, etc. I don't know if that would
be useful for drum recording or anything but what do I know, Im still
a teenager trying to learn what I can and pursue a dream. So please
any help from experienced people would be much appreciated. (Also
consider we are teenagers and are on a sorta slim budget)

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