Thursday, September 22, 2011

Marvel Mulls Monster Helmer Patty Jenkins For Thor 2

EXCLUSIVE: Marvel Galleries is approaching naming a director for Thor 2, and that i’m hearing they may opt for an unexpected: Patty Jenkins, most widely known for pointing Charlize Theron for an Oscar in Monster, and for pointing the wonderful pilot for AMC’s The Killing. This is a genuine surprise, because women company directors aren’t usually high in list for super hero movies. Let’s observe how this plays out, however it looks pretty serious. Kenneth Branagh directed the initial. This really is all likely to happen soon. Marvel and Disney have set a This summer 26, 2013 release date for that follow up, which returns Chris Hemsworth because the hammer-carrying super hero, and Thor co-author Don Payne is writing the script. The initial made $448 million worldwide and released the star of Hemsworth, who's presently playing the second title role opposite Billy Burke and Charlize Theron in Snow Whitened and also the Huntsman for Universal.

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