Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Screen Gems in Discussions to Remake 'The Raid' (Exclusive)

"The Raid" The Raid, the Indonesian action movie that's fresh off winning the Evening time Madness sidebar's audience award at TIFF, will get the Hollywood remake treatment. Screen Gems is at discussions around the remake, a move allowed for your label since sister arm The brand new the new sony Pictures Worldwide Purchases acquired U . s . States distribution rights for the film through the Cannes Film Festival. The very first deal known for The brand new the new sony by having an exclusive settling period and right of refusal around the remake within the deal with Abc Films, the producers in the original. PHOTOS: Toronto Film Festival: 13 Movies to know The film was really the only Evening time Madness flick that already stood a distributor if the opened up at TIFF's Evening time Madness, the late-evening screening series that showcases genre movies. The film started the series and will be a sensation within the get-go, becoming one of the talks in the festival. The film notifies the story from the SWAT team that becomes in a tenement run having a callous mobster, outfitted with two highly violent fighting styles killings plus an military of machete-swinging, machine gun-transporting retailers and thugs. STORY: Hot Indonesian Action Movie 'The Raid' Sells The Planet One of the buzz-creating area of the movie might be the Indonesian fighting form referred to as silat that have been place in it by author-director Gareth Evans, who just signed with Management 360. How this phenomenal aspect might be handled having a remake is not apparent although Screen Gems knows the first fighting style is probably the movie's talents. The business is wanting to tie lower a filmmaker shortly although it will not be Evans, who chosen from repeating themselves and may focus on developing a follow-up he hopes to shoot in February Screen Gems has handled remakes of foreign films formerly, most effectively with Quarantine, a horror movie starring Jennifer Contractor which was a remake in the The the spanish language language frightening movie Rec. Toronto Worldwide Film Festival Worldwide Asia

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