Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fashion Slam: Xanadu Style Rules Again

First Launched: October 11, 2011 3:57 PM EDT Credit: Access Hollywood Caption Access Hollywoods Anthony Ramos, Ryan Patterson, Cara Petry, Susan Moore and Joe Siyam celebrate within the Xanadu birthday bashLOS ANGELES, Calif. -- I visited most likely probably the most awesome special birthday the 2009 weekend it absolutely was literally a lot of fun previously! My friend Joe switched 40 and celebrated getting a Xanadu designed Disco Curler Party- just the appear of that's pretty great, right? Everything started while using invites, which incorporated a DVD in the Olivia Newton-John cult classic Xanadu, to inspire us for costume ideas. The fact is that- I did not do too within the costume department. I really could not consider everything to placed on and basically tried to become festive getting a sparkly DVF jacket. If perhaps I had been more creative because there has been some incredible clothes there. It absolutely was a sea of metallic spandexwhich in this situation could be an optimistic factor! The birthday boy was fitted in the 70s white-colored suita la Tony Manero in Saturday Evening Fever. The majority of the women showed up flowy dresses with headbands just like the film, or possibly in sleek 80s workout gear like Olivia used in their Enables Get Physical music video. We turned up within the Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale where Xanadu have been forecasted on one of the walls outdoors. I had been welcomed while using odor of In-N-Out Burgers - a truck was available to be to order. Women in pink satin clothes (which have been replicas from Xanadus final scene) shipped the burgers to partygoers by skates, clearly. There has been Xanadu snacks, additionally to snacks exactly the same shape as curler skates. The snack bar appeared to become open serving popcorn, chocolate, soda and then for any other rink food you are able to want. Everyone accessorized with glow-in-the- dark bracelets and bracelets. We'd some laughs striking silly poses before a Xanadu designed backdrop as well as for photo booth style pix that individuals arrived at collect. Nevertheless the most fun was the skating. I'm not fueling when I believe that I havent skated in DECADESand it shown! I used to be really rusty at first, however got more comfortable with it. I didn't desire to leave the floor and spent almost the entire evening skating. My friend James, who rocked the 70s along with his shorts, tube socks and huge shades, saved skating around me and saying, Are you currently presently living at this time around, or what? I mentioned, I am not just living, I am winning! As if it wasn't fun enough to bop and skate to all or any the old disco hits (Hello Bad Women!), there's also an Olivia Newton-John artist who sang and danced to Enables Get Physical as well as the theme from Xanadu. (That People still keep singing throughout my headNow that individuals are here, Xanadu, Xan-a-du-oo-oo.) It absolutely was crazy simply how much planning went into this partyEvery single detail, lower for the free tokens for your game game titles, was perfect. Happy Birthday, Joe! Congratulations, congratulations! Copyright 2011 by NBC Universal, Corporation. All rights reserved. These elements is probably not launched, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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